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Best Investment Options in Pakistan (2020)

Best investment in Pakistan It is important to remember that investment is a long-term commitment but a necessity for every person in today’s world. Convincing arguments can be made that there are many beneficial options for investment in Pakistan because it is a developing country, and the return on investment on the property is the […]

Best Real Estate Companies in Pakistan (2020)

Real Estate Companies in Pakistan Investing in real estate can prove to be very beneficial from a return on investment point of view, whether you are buying property, selling, or renting. There has been much discussion revolving around the issue that which real estate company’s services are the best? This query is common among most […]

Conversion From Marla To Square Feet (Real Estate Pakistan)

Marla to square feet In Pakistan, the conventional unit for the land is Marla, but sometimes land is also measured in terminologies of Yard, Meter, Kanal, and Gaz. Many customers ask us about the conversion of Marla to square feet or vice versa, so here we would like to provide concrete information about the query […]

Can foreigners buy property in Pakistan? [2020 Updated]

Can foreigners buy property in Pakistan? Yes, foreigners can undoubtedly buy property in Pakistan and we strongly encourage foreigners to purchase property in Pakistan. At first, the process of buying property might seem tedious and cumbersome but after fulfilled all the legal formalities buying a property in Pakistan is not only safe but also beneficial […]